Credit Authorization Disclosure

By submitting an application, the Merchant and its owners and/or principals (individually and collectively, the “Applicant”) certifies that Applicant is authorized to submit this application on behalf of the above-named business. Applicant certifies that all information and documents submitted in connection with this Application are true, correct, and complete and may be relied upon by OneTeam Capital, LLC. The applicant shall immediately notify OneTeam Capital, LLC of any material change in financial condition. Applicant authorizes OneTeam Capital, LLC to share this application and all supporting documentation with each of its representatives, successors, assigns, and designees, including third-party lenders (“Assignees”). Applicant further authorizes OneTeam Capital, LLC and all Assignees to request, receive, and review any investigative or credit reports, including comprehensive business and personal credit histories or hard credit pulls, and any other information regarding the Applicant and its owners and/or principals from third parties deemed necessary by OneTeam Capital, LLC or Assignees to verify any information provided on the Application. Furthermore, Applicant hereby waives and releases any claims against OneTeam Capital, LLC, all Assignees, and any information‐providers arising from any act or omission relating to the requesting, receiving, or release of the information obtained in connection with this application. This authorization shall be valid for one hundred twenty (120) days unless revoked in writing by Applicant.